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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:38 am    Post subject: Operation: REPAIR THE BREACH  Reply with quote
William did not enjoy flying. He preferred to stay on the ground. Sector 34 had given him very little information about his new mission before they threw him on a jet with some of his fellow strike team members. William loved adventure, often even scorned by his superiors for being reckless, but flying was one adventure he would rather avoid.

William began to look around at his teammates, hoping to keep his mind away from the flight. He knew very few of the members on the plane, because technically William was still in training. Sector 34 deemed this mission critically important and withdrew William from his training, gave him the codename DEADEYE, and sent him on this mission. In William's hand was the briefing for Operation: REPAIR THE BREACH, which had details of his mission and teammates. He didn't know GHOUL, ALIAS, SUNSPOT, PRIEST, or ROMAN - but their credentials were remarkable.

William knew one member from his time at BlackTower. Dr. Stephen Howat. Codename LEXICON. And he most certainly was remarkable. Not a fighter like William, but he could handle himself. He was technically the strike team's linguist, and a damn good one, but nothing about this group was ordinary. Especially Stephen.

He was a tall man, at least over six feet tall. He was very lean, almost excessively with very sharp eyes, a sharp chin, with a thin nose. But he seemed to know everything. William was fascinated by Stephen, but he never considered himself a thinker, and because of that Stephen made it quite clear he didn't like William.

ROMAN, who seemed to also be new, was making his way through the plane introducing himself to the other people. He seemed nice and he was walking to Stephen.

"I'm James Gentill, codename ROMAN. Pleasure."


William grinned. Stephen was doing...whatever it is he does.

"Oh, shut up." He heard PRIEST say. Apparently Stephen had done the same to him before.

"Pardon me?" James said.

"May I use your mobile? Mine has seemed to die." Stephen said.

"Uh...certainly." ROMAN said, reaching into his pocket.

Stephen grabbed the phone and used the keyboard to write up a message very quickly and handed the phone back.

"What did you mean Afghanistan?" James asked.

"Oh, he's just playing games with you." PRIEST said. Stephen quickly looked at him and simply glared for long moment - until he let out a wryly grin. Stephen then looked back James.

"You served in Afghanistan in the US military. You married before you left for duty, but divorced since, I'd say because she cheated on you. You then devoted yourself to work - likely why Sector 34 enlisted you. Always on the lookout for dedicated soldiers with no social ties. You're right arm was injured in combat. Ah, but you have a little girl that you were able to see before we left - how sweet. Your father also was a military man, but passed likely in battle. You are seeing someone who stays with you in your off-time." Stephen said, never breaking eye contact with James.

The rest of the men couldn't speak.

"Oh, come on. None of you all noticed any of that?" Stephen said, looking around. "You all really are so boring. Your face and hands are unnaturally tan, but there is no tan above the wrists so you weren't sunbathing. You hold yourself as a military man, so you obviously served in Afghanistan. You have a tan line from your wedding ring which you wore on your R&R days, but it is more tan than your wrist, so you haven't worn it since you returned. You would have worn it if there was still sentimental feelings, which means you want to forget her because she cheated. Your phone's keys are stiff, which means that it is rarely used, so you have very limited social interactions and have been promoted steadily through Sector 34, so you have been focusing on work. You hold your arm unnaturally, but show no signs of pain from it so it was a shot and has mostly healed since. There is a small piece of glitter on the lower part of your leg from where your daughter hugged you. You are wearing two sets of dog tags both with your last name. If your father was still alive, he would still have them likely put away on a shelf, so he died and you wear the tags to remember him. Your phone has an alarm set on it, but you are new to the strike team, so the alarm was set by someone else because you weren't using it in Sector 34 training and there are tiny scratches on the back as if from a female ring, so someone is staying with you on your days off and used your phone as an alarm while you were training."

James stared at Stephen for a moment, his mouth dropped wide open. It was obvious he was right about every detail.

"Piss off!" James exclaimed and walked back towards the other members of the team.

"Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo Ipse domi simul ac nummos contemplar in arca" Stephen quietly said to himself.

William looked back at his briefing and chuckled.

Sector 34 had some interesting characters.
"All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one characteristic we must posses if we are to face the future as finishers." - Henry David Thoreau

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Leo Cor

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Kyle Landon was something of a prodigy, but boot camp at Sector 34 took every physical hint at that stereotype away. The four years of intense physical preparations had made the once pudgy, 5'10'' frame into a lean, muscular body that would cause jealousy amongst sculptures. He was built powerfully, yet his face still clung to the cherubic attributes of his former self. Simply put, he had a baby face. It was as if his beard took the part of the American forces and his face the beaches of Normandy...it was not an easy battle to gain ground.

He sat quietly in his seat on the airplane, keeping to himself amongst the flutter of activity Stephen's antics proved to cause. Kyle had heard of this man before...genius was an understatement. Kyle saw every ounce of intelligence he had and then some in this man, just with a different application. Kyle wrapped himself in binary and circuit diagrams...resistors, capacitors, transistors—these things filled his mind. Stephen had the uncanny, unparalleled even, ability to consciously perceive any and everything that the normal person only perceives subconsciously. He could take one look at anybody and know them more intimately than his own mother.

But Kyle pushed the bickering and stares out of his mind...he was filled with his own thoughts and concerns other than the mission. It seemed simple enough anyways...he had read the ten page packet in about three minutes. He was mulling over the events that had taken place last night. He had never been a vivid dreamer. The most he could ever recall were simple lines, drawings, figures, ethereal existence. Never anything concrete...almost as if he were wandering the lonely corridors of his consciousness. But last night...last night was something different.

Sometime soon after drifting to sleep, he felt as if immediately he regained consciousness...but it wasn't, somehow. He opened his eyes to a padded white room, about a 10'x10' cube, with an air vent against the edge of the ceiling whose gentle flow rocked the single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. He was seated in a wobbly wooden chair with his wrists duct taped to the armrests. He easily wrestled free from the bind, but it didn't matter...there was no door. Nothing. No entrance, no way in or out other than the single, tiny air vent. He walked towards the padded wall and reached his hand towards its surface. Immediately before the contact, his eyes shot open. He was in his quarters...but not in his bunk. He was at his desk. His mattress was overturned, papers and documents were scattered throughout the room. He had no memory of what happened, but he apparently had been awake...on his desk was one conspicuous note written in a violent scrawl, yet still visibly his own handwriting that simply read, “Well, let our name be vengeance.”

Kyle was shaken from his memories by a bit of turbulence the plane had entered. Kyle immediately looked towards William whose face had turned an ashen white. A small chuckle was all that escaped Kyle's valiant defense against full laughter. But then something turned his stomach...Stephen's eyes were locked on his own, burning a hole in his skull. Did he know?! But that was impossible...

The plane was nearing the destination...
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Ashley C. Eavan

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Demitry just sat back and observed, something he had learned while he studied ninjitsu.  And he grinned slightly as his star pupil, Stephan demonstrated just how much he had taught him.  

As James walked by he looked up at him, "You shouldn't let him get to you.  I taught him how to do that.  You see, this is a tame, we must know each other more intimately than a family to do our job properly.  It's difficult when the mix us up so often, but you should get used to it.  You know, I picked you for this, consider it a graduation test from you basic, when we're done here, you'll be in my class.  So, DEADEYE, I'm SUNSPOT."  He nodded but made no gesture to shake james's hand.

"So can you shed any light on this mission?"  James asked, "My briefing was pretty vague."

"Was the code name not obvious enough?"  Demitry said, "There has been an information leak."

"I figured you knew something."  James said.

"No more than you should know already.  The missions are decided far above my pay grade."

"I though you said you picked the team?  You don't know what we're doing?"

I never said I picked the team,  I said I picked you."  Demitry said, "I do have some pull in this organization and I do have my own agenda."

"So who's in charge of this operation?"  James asked.

"Every one of the individuals here."  Demitry smiled, "This is you first Sector 34 mission, you'll figure it out."

James walked back to his seat.

Demitry checked his weapons, Sector 34 issued some bizarre equipment.  His side arm was not too impressive, a pretty standard 9mm pistol.  The ammunition was the extraordinary bit, the rounds were depleted uranium, and they actually accelerated after leaving the muzzle.  They continued to travel until the were completely disintegrated, making them capable of passing through anything.  Though they had been further modified with highly experimental ballistic technology to explode when the contacted flesh.  Equipped with a scope that had thermal and X-ray capabilities there wasn't much he couldn't shoot.  And if his impeccable aim and the ballistics didn't kill the target he could be sure it would only be a short time before the target died of radiation poison.

But the weapon he really liked was the Solar Flare.  It was an experiment into the first laser rifle.  It was an ultra high powered short wave laser, with put it in the ultra-violet spectrum.  Being short wave it had difficulties passing through solid objects.  But the sheer power of the beam would disintegrate several inches on concrete before the weapon over heated, which was normally about five seconds.  Demitry had removed the safety mechanism so it would not shut off and had removed the heat guard to allow for slower heat up and faster cool down.

Then his most treasured weapon which needed very little maintenance was his kantana.  The blade was made of surgical steel and was hand made in ancient fashion with a little augmentation of modern science.  His pistol could shoot through anything, and his laser was silent, but there was something artistic about killing a gunman with cold steel.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
The plane shuddered and bounced as it came to a stop on the ground. William loudly sighed in relief. His hands were sore from gripping his armrests the entire flight. They had just landed outside of Detroit at 23:00 to rendezvous with the other members of the strike team before entering the city. When looking out the window, he saw the complex – it was extraordinarily modern, brightly lit, and quite impressive. When William looked back inside the plane, he saw Stephen was already outside and walking quickly inside the complex past everyone. William stood up and started walking towards the front of the plane where the other members were. They were all talking when he walked up to them.

“What a freak.” He heard PRIEST say. Obviously their topic was Stephen.

“Look at this text he sent.” James said as he handed the phone around to GHOUL.

Why didn't you tell me about Two-Face?

GHOUL read the message and most of the guys started laughing out loud.

“Freak.” James said.

But William couldn't help but look over at ALIAS. His name was Kyle, William remembered from his reports. He looked unnaturally serious when the message was read. Almost concerned. It was pretty odd, but William dismissed it. There were plenty of odd people in Sector 34 he was finding out.

“Hey kid,” He heard PRIEST say. As the youngest member, the other guys in the group had started referring to him as “the kid” rather quickly. “Hurry up.” William realized that everyone else was already walking out the plane. Whenever he got lost in a train of thought, William would pretty much zone out.

He hurried and caught up with the group. They walked through the white halls and entered into a large steel door. William saw the rest of the members of Sector 34-SI in the room. Many of the most brilliant and deadliest people in the world were in this room. They were beyond the elite and better than the best.

Their group was the last members to arrive, so the strike team was preparing to move into the city. William followed SUNSPOT through the facility and began to prepare all of his gear. He checked the time. It was midnight. That made it December 21st, 2012. Operation: REPAIR THE BREACH had began.
"All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one characteristic we must posses if we are to face the future as finishers." - Henry David Thoreau
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
The vehicle shook as it bumped down the road. William was switching between holding onto a railing and preparing his guns for the upcoming mission. The briefing was short and simple. The criminal organization known as Ghost Town were located in Chicago. Ghost Town was filled with former members of Sector 34. Ronald Provence, an old member of Sector 34, had left and stolen number of projects to create a criminal organization with people from Sector 34.

Their mission was to locate and take out these criminals. Billy figured, with this group, it should be a simple task.

"All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one characteristic we must posses if we are to face the future as finishers." - Henry David Thoreau
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