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Name: Kyle J. Landon

Codename: Alias

Hometown: New York, New York (Resided in Cambridge dorms in Massachusetts at time of recruiting)

Age: 24

Kyle, as a young man had an obsessive love for computers and all things electronic. As he matured, so did his skill with numbers and circuit boards. By the age of 16, he was developing circuits so complex, they baffled many electrical engineers. Soon, however, his love for electronics coupled with an obsession for perfection began to drive his research into explosives. He saw an inherent problem with "smart bombs." The perfection of electricity mixed with the violence of explosives did not mesh well with Kyle. He wanted to perfect control it.

Very easily, Kyle made it into the most advanced electrical engineering courses that the University of Cambridge had to offer. He excelled at his courses, so much in fact, that he was often bored of his coursework. This led him to resort to pranks to keep him entertained. One idea, however, placing a cherry bomb in the school for kicks, went a bit too far and got him in major trouble with the authorities.

After searching through all of Kyle's belongings, and most importantly, his computer, they found several hundred circuit schematics and 3d renderings of explosive circuits that were far advanced beyond even military science. Some of the "higher" authorities were notified of this gifted individual, who quickly capitalized on this opportunity and made a job offer Kyle couldn't refuse.

After combat training and even more advanced electronics knowledge, Kyle became flawless in his capabilities with electronics. So much so, that he obsessed over his perfection. However, one's greatest strength can quickly become a weakness...

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