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Ashley C. Eavan

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Name: Voric-hi Synth T'sonYick (Painted Warrior, son of The Punisher)

Age: 212

Birth world:  Carack Epmio: Sola'farstin (The Dark Plains of Heaven's Reject)

Voric-hi Synth T'sonYick was the first born of his father, T'sonYick Synth Abrigad (The Punisher, son of Sword Hand).  He grew up under his father's command, always aspiring to give him the ultimate honor of taking his place.  In his culture military promotions were taken, not given.  Meaning for Voric to take his fathers place he had to kill him.

Many speculated when this happened that T'sonYick had allowed his son to overpower him to allow the legacy of his family to live on, but Voric had the scars to prove his father did not hold back even for the honor of being succeeded by his own son, his face bore those marks.  And upon his armor were names of all who had challenged his authority to serve as a reminder that he was qualified for his position.

He had seen worlds fall in his life.  He had seen planets and colonies burn, first his own, then gradually he began to see that happen less and less and finally he lived to witness the turning point of the war.  Finally, the Nemesis were taking the offensive, reclaiming colonies, and burning the human worlds just as the humans had done to them.

It was at this point, the apex of the Nemesis military development that Voric chose to succeed his father.  He would perform the ultimate honor of taking his father's place and ushering in the golden age of his people, all while training his children to succeed him and carry on the revolution.  

Ah, but for now the revolution had only just begun.

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